Modelling Medieval Vaults Programme

09:00   Welcome (tea and coffee)

09:30   Introduction

09:40   Keynote: Norbert Nussbaum, Thomas Bauer and Jörg Lauterbach – Benedikt Ried’s Deconstructive Vaults in Prague Castle – Design, Construction and Meaning

10:30   Tea and coffee break

Digital processes 1

10:50   Enrique Rabasa-Díaz, Ana López-Mozo, Miguel Ángel Alonso-Rodríguez and Rafael Martín-Talaverano – Technical knowledge transfer in European Late Gothic: multi-star vaults

11:10   Marco Carpiceci and Fabio Colonnese – Medieval vaults for Renaissance architecture. Modelling the vaults on sheet 10 of Leonardo da Vinci’s Code B

11:30   Danilo Di Mascio – Morphological and geometric complexities of built heritage

11:50   Nick Webb – Wells cathedral choir aisle vaults: digital documentation and analysis

12:10   Questions

12:20   Keynote: Santiago Huerta – Cracks and distortions in masonry arches and vaults

13:10 Lunch break

New questions in 14th-century vaulting

14:00   Alex Buchanan – Wells cathedral choir aisle vaults: issues of interpretion

14:20   Andrew Budge – Design changes: the macro- and micro-architectural vaults of fourteenth-century collegiate churches

14:40   Sophie Dentzer-Niklasson – From Two to Three Dimensions: Drawings and Design Processes in Medieval Vaulting

15:00   Questions

15:10   Tea and coffee break

Digital processes 2

15:30   Rosana Guerra and Paula Fuentes – The construction of the vaults of Mallorca cathedral

15:50   Weiyi Pei and Lui Tam – Comparison of Digital Documentation Methodologies of Neo-gothic Vaulting System: A Case Study of Dominican Church, Ghent, Belgium

16:10   Balázs Szőke, Balázs Szakonyi and Gergely Buzás – Role of the “Horizontal ribs” in late gothic vault constructions in Hungary.

16:30   Questions

16:40   Keynote: Benjamin Ibarra-Sevilla – Mixtec Stonecutting Artistry; Documentation and Visualization of Late Gothic Ribbed Vaults in Southern Mexico