Through the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Early Career Research Grant scheme, we have secured funding to scale up the project.  This will enable us to scan vaults at five further sites, bring in an additional researcher and technician, allow our data to be available publicly, create a travelling exhibition at key sites, support publication of a book as well as a second symposium with research and industry partners. ‘Tracing the past: analysing the design and construction of English medieval vaults using digital techniques‘ will commence in September 2018 lasting until the end of August 2021.


Through funding from the Liverpool School of Architecture‘s David Foster Wicks Endowment, we were able to digitally survey the vaults at Tewkesbury Abbey and Gloucester cathedral.

Using Arts Council England funding, we surveyed the vaults at Norton Priory, Cheshire.


A successful application to the Lambarde Fund managed by the Society of Antiquaries of London enabled us to scan the lierne vaults at Ely Cathedral, including the vault of Prior Crauden’s Chapel reconstructed by Robert Willis.

An Interdisciplinary Network Fund grant was awarded by the University of Liverpool to collect data at Exeter cathedral, as well as establishing a symposium bringing together experts to discuss future research and collaborations.


A Research Support Grant was generously provided by the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art enabling us to undergo fieldwork at Chester, Wells and Nantwich.