Here are links to other research we find particularly intriguing and influential to relation to our own project:

Design principles in late Gothic vault construction, a project led by David Wendland at the Technical University of Dresden, which is using similar approaches to our own research, based on ‘reverse engineering’ from laser scans.

Andrew Tallon and Stephen Murray’s research focussing on French Gothic architecture has brought laser scanning as a method of understanding historic structure to a wider audience, as can be seen in National Geographic. 

Mixtec stonecutting artistry is a project led by Benjamin Ibarra Sevilla investigating sixteenth-century ribbed vaults in Oaxaca, Mexico. A process of laser scanning and 3D visualisation is used for analysis.

Norbert Nußbaum’s research into continental Gothic church architecture, particularly that of Prague Castle, adds to the importance of using digital tools as an analysis method in understanding vault design and construction.

The Technical University of Madrid’s, which includes photographs of medieval vaults, investigations of their design principles and physical reconstructions of the vaults which are tested by being loaded to the point of destruction (videos on YouTube).

Doco-Gothic and Trans_Got share more information on our Spanish colleagues’ work on Hispanic late-Gothic Vaults, including an excellent catalogue of individual vault bays.